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Super Bright LED Strips With 5060 SMDs (300 LEDs/5M per reel)



LM-FLEX-5060-12-PW..........Pure White
LM-FLEX-5060-12-NW..........Neutral White
LM-FLEX-5060-12-WW.........Warm White
LM-FLEX-5060-24-CW..........Cold White

Ordering: From North America, call 626-968-1909, or email: service@led-mate.com. You are always encouraged to call one of our sales reps for custom lighting consultation.

Also check Waterproof Super Bright SMD5060 Strip version.

Strips & Light Emitting Colors

Original Images & Dimensions (unit: mm)

flex strip light image

5060 SMD LED strip dimensions

Anti-static Package & Accessory

Anti-static bag for Led strips     premium two end connectors for led strips     Jumping connector for LED strip


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