Shelf Lighting

Highlighting various objects through different lights has become a part of interiors today. Be it home, shop or hotel, everywhere we see different usage of lighting to showcase certain objects. Different places require different types of lighting effects. Under shelf lighting requires the lighting decoration in such a way that can enhance the look of the shelf. Various LED under shelf lighting are available. These LED lights can be fixed through various fixtures available and can provide a remarkable spectrum of rays. Under shelf lighting is usually in hidden format, where the light rays are visible not the source.

Sometime we have to decorate the glass shelf. Glass shelf lighting needs to be done in an efficient and clean fashion, because the base is transparent. Utilizing the LED flexible strip lighting can be quite beneficial. Since the strip lights do not occupy much space and provide a good visibility, they are highly used for such purposes. The LED lights consumer less power and provides a robust output. They do not need much maintenance and are quite durable.



LED retail store shelf lighting       book shelf strip lights

retail store product shelf lights      restaurant plate shelf illuminated

85-260VAC LED Retrofit Bulbs Designed for direct replacement of conventional light bulbs. LED Spotlight Bulbs Screw base 85-260V AC or 12V AC/DC, various beam angle. G4/GX53 LED Puck Lights Wide working voltage specialty lights. LED Fluorescent Tube Lighting LED T8/T5/T10 fluorescent retrofit tube lights. LED Rigid Strip Lights Waterproof and non-waterproof LED rigid bar lights with low voltage operation. LED Display Case/Jewelry Case Linear Strip Lights Ideal for jewelry, general merchandising display case lighting applications retail display lighting. LED Flexible Strip Lights Indoor flexible strip lights ideal for decorative applications. LED driver An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.