RV LED Lamps

The growth of technology and new age equipments have made it possible for us to find better ways of utility. RV LED lighting is one of the best used lighting for interior RV applications. They mostly comprise of aluminium tube light with 12v dc. They come with different shapes to better suit the requirement and are quite durable with less consumption.

Eco friendly lighting is a terrific invention that has bought green ways to get better luminance. LED strip lights are absolutely long lasting with waterproof and non-waterproof attributes. These lights not only are environmental friendly but also gear up your vehicle in all aspects. They are quite durable with shock and vibration resistant capabilities. Also, the heat generation is extremely low. The high tech LED lights today have a strong efficiency and provide the required color spectrum.

Another important application is that G4 LED Lamps directly replace hot halogen or incandescent lamps traditionally used for RV and yacht interior luminaires. The fixture is not needed to be replaced, it is the same as used to be. LED-Mate lamp replacement features LED lighting designed to last several times longer than conventional lamps in various electrical environments and conditions found in RV and marine lighting applications. Their G4 LED lamps are mainly categoried by standard aluminum heat sink and enhanced copper plate heat sinks to protect the SMD diodes and ensure their extended lifespan.

G4 Led lamp is great for typical 12v halogen lamp replacements found in most puck luminaires in premium RVs, trailers and motorcoaches. Because none of its luminosity is lost to the reflector, original 140-160 lumens output can be fully provided, which is about the same as the halogen counterparts. In conclusion, it is a ideal replacement in most puck luminaires, especially where there is danger from the overheat created by halogen lamps.



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