LED Marine Lighting

The most fundamental requirement of a marine light is to be waterproof and LED marine lighting is just the best possible match. With vivid colors and a vast range to choose from one can provide a fantastic look for a boat. Just like the car interiors one can enhance the look of the boat with these quality LED marine lights. We can use them on the boat floor, boat exterior and boat compartment. The lights are primarily utilized during the sail hence the lighting should be extremely durable to operate in water. Waterproof LED strip lighting provides the best lighting solution for boats.

Being water resistant, these lights do not require high voltage or high maintenance. These lights require less power with ample output and low maintenance. LED marine lighting are shake proof, since they continuously face water tides the lighting has to be shake proof to last longer. Yachters like to attach waterproof LED strip lights to their sleeping quarters and yacht kitchens.

Another important application of LED light in marine is G4 replacement lamp. Short life, overheat, voltage sensitivity, and frequent change are all serious downfalls for traditional halogens.

The major downfalls are the halogen's limited lifespan, and the potential fire hazard caused by heat build-up. Halogens maybe only last about 4,000 hours due to their sensitivity to voltage fluctuations. In contrast to halogens, LEDs are more likely to last up to 40,000 hours, which is almost 10 times longer. That means less labor costs to change bulbs. With all this in mind, it is obvious that the halogen light is far from perfect in marine applications. Changing the whole luminaire is not necessary, it is costly and normally a hassle. The simple way is to directly change the halogens to LED replacement lamps only.

Halogen lamps tend to create a lot of heat. Heat means energy being used unefficiently, especially if it is being created when people attempt to light up an area. On boats, wasted energy means more fuel needed to generate energy. Efficient lighting starts from here when you convert traditional halogens to LED replacements.



blue illumination under yacht       boat interior illumination

yacht interior lighting image       yacht surrounding lights

12v G4 lamp replacing halogen       G4 for ceiling light

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