LED Cove Lights

Cove lighting is one of the most suitable lighting for highlighting the objects. LED cove lighting has an exceptionally evenly distributed spectrum of rays and produces warm white light. Cove lighting uses aluminium tube light or flexible strip light. The fixtures are in hidden form for cove lights. This feature for indirect lighting effects is the main utilization reason for cove lighting.

Led cove lighting is eco friendly, highly durable and above all, there is no high maintenance required. Cove lights add beauty to the walls, either home or office, LEDs provides appreciable effect. These are primarily used to accessorize room, lobby or terrace. There strong focus and warm white light create an appealing environment wherever used. Cove lights when paired with dimming effect give a great option to choose the right dimmed effect. The heat generation is not high. The wide range of LEDs is available in various shapes and colors. Cove lighting can also be used in kitchen cabinets or hard to reach places like ceiling cove areas, to provide a fantastic lighting effect. The durability of these LED lights is quite high hence people can rely on LED lights by placing them in hard to reach places. LED-Mate offers:



LED cove light for home      LED cove lights for residential

Architectural cove lighting      luxury interior cove Led

window blue Led image       Led cove lamps for casino

window green Led lamps       retail store cove illumination

85-260VAC LED Retrofit Bulbs Designed for direct replacement of conventional light bulbs. LED Spotlight Bulbs Screw base 85-260V AC or 12V AC/DC, various beam angle. G4/GX53 LED Puck Lights Wide working voltage specialty lights. LED Fluorescent Tube Lighting LED T8/T5/T10 fluorescent retrofit tube lights. LED Rigid Strip Lights Waterproof and non-waterproof LED rigid bar lights with low voltage operation. LED Display Case/Jewelry Case Linear Strip Lights Ideal for jewelry, general merchandising display case lighting applications retail display lighting. LED Flexible Strip Lights Indoor flexible strip lights ideal for decorative applications. LED driver An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.