LED light bulb is an environmental friendly lighting

LED Narrow Spot, Spot, Narrow Flood, Flood Lamps (Halogen Replacements)


LED lamps have a lot going for them. They produce an attractive light that isn’t as harsh as fluorescent lights. They enjoy a long life span, and they use a lot less energy than traditional incandescent lights. They don’t take up a lot of space because of their attractive and compact design, which means they provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing luminaries. Because they are so small and flexible, they give you a lot of options and a lot of control over how the light distributes by applying small optical lenses or reflectors.

Now, there are some people who have problems with LED lights. Their main issue is the fact that LED lights tend to be more directional in the way that their light distributes. After all, a lot of people really aim for a more ambient style of light for their general lighting needs. While an ambient style of light can be achieved with LED lighting with proper arrangement and design, some people don’t want to put in the work.

Still, it’s this directional aspect of LED lights that make them so useful for spotlighting with a focused beam angle, and flood lighting with a wide beam. In general, a lot of people find great success by using spotlights at a 15, 25, 38 or 45 degree angle; and wide beam flood lighting with a 60, 110, or 120 degree angle.

Besides their unique focusing properties, LED lamps have a number of other advantages over traditional lighting options. They don’t feature any glass tubes that are easily broken, and the rigid support featured in their interior parts makes them highly resistant to impacts, bumps and vibrations. Other types of lamps are far more susceptible to breaking due to environmental reasons, which is even more distressing when you realize certain types of lights (like fluorescent lights) contain mercury and other toxic materials.

The strength and stability of an LED lamp isn’t its only strong suit. LED lights really shine when it comes to producing beautiful colors. Because their colors are produced using the color-mixing principle, they are able to produce a massive range of hues. All you have to do is change the proportions of light generated in each of the primary colors, and you should be able to produce any color you imagine. LED lights allow you full color mixing.

Just like it doesn’t require a lot of work to produce the color that you want, it also doesn’t take a lot of work to produce the brightness level you want. With the right combination of inner drivers and electronic component designs, any LED lamp can be made dimmable. An LED lamp made to dim has no minimum current needed to stay in operation, and it can quickly spun from its maximum brightness to next to no light smoothly and efficiently.

There really is no competition when it comes to LED spotlights and floods. Most often, halogen lamps have been used for these purposes in the past. Halogen lamps are well known to overheat quickly and burn out in a relatively short period of time. After all, halogen lamps are really inefficient in how they use their energy, and most of their energy is wasted as heat and not light.

To give you an example of just how impractical halogen lamps are, the MR16 halogen lamp has been numerously reported to burn out after only four months of operation in stores. We took all these shortcomings in mind when we designed our cutting edge 12V AC/DC MR16 white LED lamp and PAR lamp series to replace these obsolete halogen lamps. Our state of the art new LED lamps are designed to replace conventional lamps while producing very little heat and enjoying a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours!




A Led spot lamp graphic

MR16 LED Spot Light Bulb 4*1W High Power
Up to 35w halogen replacements, only consuming 5w power, reaching 360 LM - highest lumen output of its class.

A SMD5060 Led lamp

MR11 LED Lamps With Super Bright SMD5050 Diodes
120° viewing angle, bi-pin GU4 base. 12VAC lamp has found their way into retail lighting applications such as glass cabinet, figure collections display.


E26 4x1w Led lamp

LED Spotlight Bulb With 4*1W High Power Diodes
Input: 85-265V AC, Constant Current: 320mA, Lumen Output: CW: 330LM, WW: 240LM, Electrical: 5W

JDR Led lamp image

LED JDR Lamp With 4*1W High Power Diodes
Fits to standard halogen JDR E26 screw base. Input: 85-265V AC, Constant Current: 320mA, Lumen Output: CW - 330LM, WW - 240LM, Electrical: 5W


par20 Led lamp image

Par20 LED Lamp With 5*1W High Power Diodes
Input: 85-265V AC, Current: 320mA, Diode Chip: 5 USA Semi LEDs, Lumen Output: 420 LM, Electrical: 6-7W.


par30 Led lamp image

Par30 LED Lamp With 7*1.5W High Power Diodes
Input: 85-265V AC, Current: 380-400mA, Diode Chip: 7 USA Semi LEDs, Electrical: 11-13W, Both non-dimmmable and dimmable ready.


par38 Led lamp image

Par38 LED Lamp With 9*2W High Power Diodes
Input: 85-265V AC, Current: 420-450mA, Diode Chip: 9 USA Semi LEDs, Electrical: 20-22W.


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85-260VAC LED Retrofit Bulbs Designed for direct replacement of conventional light bulbs. LED Spotlight Bulbs Screw base 85-260V AC or 12V AC/DC, various beam angle. G4/GX53 LED Puck Lights Wide working voltage specialty lights. LED Fluorescent Tube Lighting LED T8/T5/T10 fluorescent retrofit tube lights. LED Rigid Strip Lights Waterproof and non-waterproof LED rigid bar lights with low voltage operation. LED Display Case/Jewelry Case Linear Strip Lights Ideal for jewelry, general merchandising display case lighting applications. LED Flexible Strip Lights Indoor flexible strip lights ideal for decorative applications. LED driver An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.