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Low Voltage LED Rigid Strip Bar Light


We all have a wide range of lighting needs, and these needs aren’t always filled by a traditional light bulb. Whether you need to light a non-traditionally designed space, or are working within a confined area, or simply want a light that’s a little out of the ordinary- we have you covered.

For example, our Low Voltage LED rigid strips provide a great solution to many lighting problems. They are neat, tidy and low profile- in addition to the many benefits that all LED lights provide (including energy efficiency and low heat output).

Our PCB based rigid LED strip products work great in a wide range of applications. They offer an effective and efficient way to light cabinets and displays. They tuck well into tight spots in restaurants, hotels, stores and shops. They are an ideal solution for the halls of theaters and cinemas. They are all but tailor made for clubs and bars. They are great for lighting signs, bulletin boards, billboards and other advertising spaces.

LED strip lights can really solve a lot of lighting problems, and are only limited by your imagination.

Not only do they fit anywhere, but when outfitted with a little device between the light and the power supply, they can be dimmable, giving you the flexibility you desire.

These lights really can go anywhere. We even offer waterproof LED light bars for use in pools, showers, fountains, and anywhere else things could get wet.

Check out our full range of LED lighting options below!



high bright rigid strip graphic

Rigid Strip With 1 Watt High Output Per Diode
Designed for maximum brightness of its kind, the lumen output can reach up to 780lm per 0.57M for cool white light.

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Bar Light With 7060 Medium Power SMDs
Illuminated by Medium Power 7060 SMD, each diode consumes about 0.5W. Total wattage is about 9W for 0.57 meter, emitting up to 320LM output. Indoor and outdoor versions.

3528 SMD rigid strip

LED Rigid Strip With 3528 SMD Diodes
Standard LED bars made up of 3528 single chip SMDs (0.06W/each), total wattage is 2.4W for 0.5 meter, with up to 110lm output (for 5060 Tri-SMDs, 7.2W power, 360lm), indoor use only.

5060 SMD rigid strip

LED Rigid Strip With 5060 SMD Diodes
Only about 7 watt electrical use for 380 lumen outputs. 5060 SMD diode features super bright Tri-chip LED for high efficient illuminations.

multi-color changing LED bar graphic

RGB Color Changing LED Bars
It is really a dynamite supplement to any lighting format. You not only can display lights over time in many dynamic ways, for example, fading from one color to another at a variable speed, but also adjust the color of your lights uniformly. All these can be done by using RGB remote controller.

outdoor LED rigid strip graphic

Waterproof LED Light Bar With 5060 SMDs
By applying super bright Tri-chip SMDs(0.21W/each), the bar operates under 12v dc, 30 SMDs has 7.2W power and 330lm output for cool white color light for 0.5 meter. It is constructed with IP65 waterproof aluminum material.

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