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LED Replacement Tubes for T8 Fluorescent


By now, most people understand all the shortcomings associated with fluorescent lights. True, these bulbs are superior to traditional incandescent lights as they as more energy efficient and emit a lot less heat. But just because they are a little better than the status quo doesn’t make them ideal.

After all, fluorescent lights are still incredibly fragile and delicate. Not only do they break easily, but when they break they not only leave little shards of glass everywhere, but they leak a really disgusting mix of chemicals and gasses. Not only is this mess difficult to dispose of, but it’s also pretty dangerous.

We kept these shortcomings in mind when we designed our LED T8 lamp. It’s UL approved, and we designed it to be compatible with standard ballast equipped fluorescent light fixtures. This makes it incredibly easy to replace- all you have to do is replace the existing ballast from the fixture and screw ours in. Our lamps offer a 30-50% reduction in energy usage compared with standard fluorescent lights, and have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years! Our lamps are a lot sturdier and a lot harder to break than fluorescent lights, and if they do they aren’t filled with toxic mercury or lead.

We also designed and now offer our T5 LED replacement lamps. These are high brightness LED lights constructed in traditional fluorescent lamp formats with a low profile LED driver. They are constructed with a durable, extruded aluminum tube lamp that conforms to the dimensions of a linear T5 lamp and which install easily into a fluorescent G5 base lamp holder.

More and more people are looking for great lamps that produce high quality light without the wasted power and safety hazards of traditional and fluorescent lights. Here are some of the many areas where LED fluorescent replacements are picking up steam:

  1. In commercial applications like retail case displays and supermarket shelves.
  2. In residential buildings and homes- especially where space is at a premium.
  3. On bases, trains, RVs, and other modes of transportation.
  4. In institutional settings like hospitals and schools.
  5. In places of employment like factories and offices.

Durable, high quality and safe- LED lights are truly the next generation of lighting.



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T8 LED Fluorescent Replacement Tube
Our T8 SMD LED tube got UL listed in 2010, operated under 110v~277v ac. The tube is for retrofit or new installation. Users need to bypass the existing ballast while replacing fluorescent tubes. Stripe or frosted plastic cover to choose.

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