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Low Voltage LED Flexible Strip Lights


LED flexible strip lights are also our featured products

LED Flexible Strip Light is one of our most versatile and popular products. Whether you require some simple backlit, cove lighting, or more involved lighting involving curved spaces or narrow areas, our flexible LED tape lights can serve you well.

To start, our LED strip lights can be mounted easily on just about any surfaces. As long as it is smooth and non-conductive, you can attach our lights to them due to their self-adhesive backing. Our strip lights come in units of 3 LEDs that can be easily cut at regular segments without damaging the rest of the LED ribbon, giving you the ability to match your lights to any length and shape.

Our super bright LED strips come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, red, green, yellow, cool white, pure white, neutral white and warm white. The light strips themselves are very thin and narrow, creating a low profile solution that is flexible enough to withstand a low level of bending and curving. In addition to our standard strip lights, we also offer dimmable and color changing controllable models that are great for adjusting the mood and tone of any space within a high level of precision.

On top of the specific benefits that these lights provide, they also have all the standard features of all LED lighting. Instead of the massive heat output of traditional incandescent lights, LED lights operate near room temperature. They are far more energy efficient than conventional light sources, and provide a longer lifespan and safer form of lighting than fluorescent lighting.

Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call, and we’ll help you match up the right 12V LED Strip Lights and low voltage power supply for your project. Whether you’re lighting up a cabinet display or giving a bar or club an ultramodern look, we have what you need. Check here for many MARKETS SERVED.


Applications & Showcases

LED edge lighting, cove lighting, backlit, guide lights, slim letter signs, narrow area or curving space lighting, interior decorating lights, decorative outdoor lights, patio lighting, LED strip lights for cars, aquarium led lighting, led stairway lights, led step lights, rgb led strip for night club, color changing led lights for party, and more. Link here to see the MARKETS SERVED.

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Good news is that all these LED tape lights can be dimmable by using our LED dimmer (leave the device in between the light and power supply).

Non-waterproof Flex Strips

standard 3528 style SMD strip image

Flexible LED Strip With 3528 SMDs
A versatile illuminating sources for bars, kitchen furnitures, wall units, showcases, and more. LED tape offers neon look light by using low voltage power instead of high voltage used by neon, eliminating non-flexible glass, unreliability.

best selling graphic30mA SMD3528 strip image

Flexible LED Strip With Super Bright 3528 SMDs
This light features its 30mA current each diode or series circuit, and 9 LM light outputs for each diode, the brightest of SMD3528 strip class with moderate price.

new product graphicsingle-row white color changing strip graphic

Single-row White Color Changing Strip
This new release demonstrates pure and warm white color changing in various patterns, operated by mini wireless remote controller. Diodes are placed on standard single-row PCB.

new product graphictwo-row white color changing strip image

Double-row White Color Changing Strip
This new release presents pure and warm white color changing in many selectable patterns, operated by mini wireless remote controller. Diodes are placed on doulbe-row PCB.

side view SMD strip graphic

Side View LED Strip With 3528 SMDs
"Side View LED Strips" is also called "Side Emitting LED Strips" with sideview SMDs, illuminating from side or edge rather than normal (from top). The light is designed for special niche applications.

super bright SMD strip photo

LED Strip With 5060 SMDs (150 diodes/5M)
Tri-Chip SMDs are used, brighter than 3528 versions. This is the old version of Super Bright 5060 SMDs.

best selling graphicsuper bright SMD flex strip image

Strips With Super Bright 5060 SMDs (300 diodes/5M)
The brightest version of its kind, 300 Tri-Chip SMDs are used on standard 5 meter strip. LED-Mate can take care of wholesale, small and large project orders.

best selling graphicRGB colorful strip image

RGB Color Changing LED Strip Operated By 12v or 24v
You can choose either standard 150 diodes under 12v operation, or 300 diodes under 24v operation, both with 5 meter strip.

new product graphicnew RGB strip image

Dynamic Multi-Color Changing and Chasing Pattern LED Strip
This mood ribbon flex strip has the most creative color-rich patterns, fully monitored by single handheld keypad controller. Non-waterproof for indoor use under 12v operation.

Waterproof Flex Strips

best selling graphicoutdoor strip illumination graphic

Waterproof Silicon Encased LED Strip With 3528 SMD Diodes
A flexible LED strip sealed to IP67. High protection rate not only makes LED-Mate strip completely waterproof for outdoor applications, but also keeps the ribbon easy to curve and flexible to bend or twist.

waterproof led tape light image

Waterproof Strip With 5060 SMDs (150 diodes/5M)
This is the old version of super bright 5060 SMDs, it has only 150 diodes in 5 meter ribbon.

waterproof ribbon illumination graphic

Waterproof LED Flexible Ribbon With Super Bright 5060 SMD Diodes
This silicon encased, IP67 protection rate strip ribbon is the most brightest strip in the market. It is so flexible, twistable, bentable, cuttable, dimmable, attachable that it can be used widely in many indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

water resistant strip graphic

Water Resistant LED Strip in PE Tube
This ribbon is perfect for moisture, humid, or wet location applications. It can be used indoor, or outdoor without direct exposure to strong sunshine.

Good arrangement of red, blue, green diodes on a flexible, thin PCB

Waterproof Strip With Full Color Changing 5060 SMD Diodes
IP67 protected color changing strip allows you to change colors at the push of a button to create a dynamic colour effects, such as "Gradual Color Change", "Sudden Change", "Chase", "Flowing" effects. Both 12v standard 150 diodes and 24v super bright 300 diodes in 5 meter strip are available.

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