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Low Voltage LED Power Supply, Dimmer & Controller


Now, there have been some problems with traditional LED drivers in the past. That’s why we’ve provided a better one.

Overheating was one of the biggest problems that other LED drivers would face. Even though there was a specific reason that overheating would occur, a lot of other manufacturers never did anything about it. The problem would occur because they based the LED circuit on a forward voltage drop. The forward voltage drop across the diode would decrease to a much lower value than the stated value. This would in turn create a huge level of power dissipation from the driver, resulting in a vastly decreased lifespan and decreased reliability.

You see, most LEDs just plain work better when they are driven by a constant current LED driver. It doesn’t matter how much power they need, how large they are or what type of LED they are- this is almost always a better way to make them. Using a constant current power driver keeps the current stable even in the face of unpredictable voltage drops. This set up less fluctuations in the power source without affecting the forward current.

Not only does this make the LED driver more reliable, but it has a whole host of other benefits. For example- it is much quieter than other drivers and it automatically optimizes the light’s efficiency. Plus, you get pinpoint control of the light’s brightness.

Our new LED power supply is just plain better. Make sure you take into consideration the performance specifications and special features that you need before ordering your lights. We offer a wide variety of levels of efficiency, adjustable output current, and supply voltage, so make sure you contact us first to make sure you get the right light for your needs.


metal enclosed led power supply

Low Voltage LED Power Supply
12V and 24V DC output, switching AC input power, non-waterproof metal enclosed case, UL approved, indoor use only.

waterproof Led driver

12V Waterproof LED Driver
12V Led driver with IP67 protection rate for indoor and outdoor use, UL Class II power unit, universal input.

RGB LED strip controller

RGB Controller And Amplifier for Strip Lights
Multi-color changing controller with keypad for RGB LED strip lighting

single color dimmer image

LED Single Color Strip Dimmer
Control and adjust the brightness of flexible and rigid strip lights

85-260VAC LED Retrofit Bulbs Designed for direct replacement of conventional light bulbs. LED Spotlight Bulbs Screw base 85-260V AC or 12V AC/DC, various beam angle. G4/GX53 LED Puck Lights Wide working voltage specialty lights. LED Fluorescent Tube Lighting LED T8/T5/T10 fluorescent retrofit tube lights. LED Rigid Strip Lights Waterproof and non-waterproof LED rigid bar lights with low voltage operation. LED Display Case/Jewelry Case Linear Strip Lights Ideal for jewelry, general merchandising display case lighting applications. LED Flexible Strip Lights Indoor flexible strip lights ideal for decorative applications. LED driver An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.