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LED-Mate LED Linear Strip Lighting for Display Cases/Jewelry Showcase And Cabinets


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Anyone who has ever worked in the retail sector before knows the importance of great, high quality lighting. Whether you are a store owner or simply an employee, it’s hard not to notice the difference that great lighting makes in your store. Not only does the right lighting make your products look the best and help customers feel comfortable, but great lighting can even attract passersby who wouldn’t think to stop in if they weren’t so attracted by your displays.

Here at LED-Mate, we offer plenty of Make To Order LED Lighting options for showcases and display cases. Our LED-Mate LED lights are cool and energy efficient, and enjoy a long life span of continuous use, making them the ideal replacement for conventional lighting methods.

One of the best retail display lighting applications for our LED fluorescent tube replacements is jewelry and other high class items. The illumination our lights provide really makes gold, diamonds, silver, gemstones and crystal sparkle. You don’t need to be trading in high-end merchandise to use our lights- the beautiful beams our products produce will make any item look it’s best.

Not only will your products look great, but your new lights will also be really cost effective. Halogen and other conventional lighting sources are really energy inefficient and produce a lot of heat while they’re operating. Fluorescent lights are a little more energy efficient, but don’t hold up well over time, are filled with toxic substances, and produce a harsh light. Neither are great lighting choices.

Our LED light tubes are energy efficient and low voltage, they produce a 2,700~7,000K color temperature of cool, neutral and warm white (certainly other single colors as well), they spread over a wide beam angle of 120 degrees, and they feature an incredibly long useful lifespan. Our led tube lighting come in a variety of different brightness levels, and can be easily outfitted with dimming functionality for total control, if needed. LED-Mate lights are great for either the insides or undersides of glass showcases, or anywhere you need them due to their space-efficient design.

Besides for apply to the retail store display lighting, our low voltage showcase lighting are also perfect for LED under cabinet lighting, shelf lights, cove lights and many other applicatons.

When you’re ready to make the switch to LED tube lights, contact us for Make To Order LED lighting requiry.

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LuxBrilliant C shape jewelry display case tube light

"C" Shape Fixture
"C" fixture is great for fluorescent tube replacements in display cases, under the cabinets, or any places you can imagine. Choices of screw-in, or attachable acrylic mounting brackets.

LuxBrilliant V shape jewelry Display tube fixture

"V" Shape Fixture
The "V" fixture can be easily attached to any glass cases or cabinets by applying 3M Dual Lock backing adheasive. It is perfect for anywhere screw-in is not preferable.

LuxBrilliant Super Slim jewelry display fixture

Slim LED Fixtures
Good variety and selection of super slim aluminum based strips with super bright output and mounting support.


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