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LED Retrofit Lamps, Globe Type Bulbs


When you sit down to make your home or business more energy efficient, the first place you should look is at your light bulbs. Most light bulbs made and used over the last hundred years have been Incandescent bulbs. While they do the job by providing light, they are also terribly inefficient. They just eat up energy, and over 90 percent of the energy that you use to light them up is wasted as heat, not light. Think about it- where else in your life would you be ok with 90% of your inputs going down the drain?

Thankfully, there’s a really easy solution to this. No, you shouldn’t start lighting your house or business with candles. Instead, you should switch over to LED Lighting. As opposed to Incandescent lighting, LED Lighting is incredibly efficient. These bulbs produce a lot less heat, and thus require a lot less energy to light things up. Think about it- what’s it like to try and touch an incandescent bulb that’s been turned on for more than a few minutes? Scalding, right? Our LED lights are cool to the touch, staying close to room temperature as it operates.

Now, Fluorescent lights are about as efficient as LED lights, but they have their own shortcomings. They produce a really harsh light, they flicker, and they are filled with gas and mercury. While they might be enjoying a little bit of popularity now, fluorescent lights just don’t have what it takes to become the next generation of lighting products for the market. On the other hand, LED lighting is long-lasting, rugged, efficient, attractive and eco-friendly- the characteristics is needs to take over where incandescent lighting has failed.

As we move forward, all those halogen and incandescent bulbs will be replaced, and we need a great alternative. Halogen lamps always overheat and burn out pretty quickly. Incandescent lights are not only inefficient, but many countries are banning them outright, making these outdated bulbs illegal to use. Fluorescent lamps are filled with toxic mercury. Only LED solid state lighting provides the right combination of life span, attractiveness and energy efficiency to carry us forward into the future.



a60 type Led bulb

G60 LED Globe Bulb With Super Bright SMD5630 Diodes
Economical retrofit bulb for replacing 60W incandescent, utilizing super bright Samsung SMD5630 integrated diodes, 8w total power consumption.

candle shape Led light bulb

Candle Shape LED Bulb With 3*1W High Power
Energy saving Candle shaped LED bulb with universal voltage operation. Medium screw base.

g45 type Led replacement bulb

LED Globe Bulb G45 With 10 SMD5060 SMD Diodes
Using super brightness 5060 SMDs as light source, aluminum as heat sink material for maximum heat dissipation, only 2w electrical use.

c45 type Led replacement bulb

LED C45/C50 Bulbs With SMD Diodes
These retrofit bulbs are made up of high brightness 3629 SMD LEDs for replacement of its inefficient incandescent counterparts.

LED lamp with 18 diodes

LED Single Color Bulbs With 3528 SMD Diodes
Using color LED replacement lamp is a economical way for party event, holiday decoration, and interior mood lighting, lasting ten times longer than traditional incandescent lamp.

A 18-SMD LED bulb

7 RGB Color Change LED Glow Bulbs With 18 Diodes
Screw this bulb into standard socket in party entertainment, holiday occasion, casino hospitality, creating colorful glow with amazing slow cycling through each seven color.

85-260VAC LED Retrofit Bulbs Designed for direct replacement of conventional light bulbs. LED Spotlight Bulbs Screw base 85-260V AC or 12V AC/DC, various beam angle. G4/GX53 LED Puck Lights Wide working voltage specialty lights. LED Fluorescent Tube Lighting LED T8/T5/T10 fluorescent retrofit tube lights. LED Rigid Strip Lights Waterproof and non-waterproof LED rigid bar lights with low voltage operation. LED Display Case/Jewelry Case Linear Strip Lights Ideal for jewelry, general merchandising display case lighting applications. LED Flexible Strip Lights Indoor flexible strip lights ideal for decorative applications. LED driver An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.